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“Your reliable modular housing”

  • saves your time
  • no hidden costs
  • not dependent on weather
  • minimum construction noise & waste

Service Package

Parcel of land

Searching for suitable land to build a house

To select a suitable building land, you can use the services of our partner real estate agencies.

Architectural study

Let’s set up a meeting with our architect, he will work up an architectural study based on your ideas and expectations about your family house. For the first time you will see your wishes in black and white.

Mortgage loan

I need a mortgage to build a house.

We can provide you contact of mortgage broker, who will be happy to answer all necessary questions and uncertainties about financing your house.

Project documentation

The professional project manager is also part of our team, he will prepare a detailed project documentation.

Let's choose the materials you prefer

To get closer towards creating quotation for you, we need to know what materials will be used during the construction.


Now we know what materials do you prefer and so we can prepare the quotation for you.

Zoning and building permit

Bureaucracy is not a popular issue to deal with, while building your family house. In case you need assistance, we are more than happy to help with legislative process.

Preparatory work

This includes site preparation and implementation of the very foundations, transportation of container modules to site followed by unloading.


When individual modules are made based on your floor plan, realization can be launched.

Waste removal from building site

Waste removal from building site

Advantages of container constructions

Save your time and money
Modular constructions are spreading very quickly all over the world. It brings you the space for creative thinking and design solutions for you future home. This technology doesn’t affect you restrictively in terms of materials used and provides you with a full housing experience.
Our quotations are final, so we won’t surprise you with any additional costs during the construction period.

Photo (wall section)

wall section

Our aim is to provide the best possible solution while taking into consideration your preferences. That is why we do not offer the catalogue houses, but we are putting the uniqueness of each client into each project we work on. At our web site you can find the possible construction methods and spatial combinations. We provide the quality with individual and professional approach.

Prefab construction
Building of modular house could be imagined as a construction from plastic playing building blocks. You can add a block or remove the block if it is needed. This type of construction brings you the endless flexibility. Would you need a bigger space? Your family is expanding or you just would like to have your own office at home? Or you bought a new car and you need to rebuild your single garage to a double one? The flexible options modular housing can provide are ideal for all those situations.

Easily portable
Containers are suitable for standard transport dimensions. Therefore, they are transportable by ship, train or by road transportation.

Why to choose a container home?

It saves your time: Construction of a family house made by containers takes in average several weeks after the contract is signed.

No hidden costs: Right after you sign the contract you know the exact costs required for building construction.

Individual modules are produced in the production hall so we do not depend on the season and current weather conditions.

Thanks to the simplicity of the construction process we are able to avoid the unnecessary building activity on your land.

We provide construction supervision, preparation of the land for modules placement, modules transportation their unloading and even the waste collection.

Time spent on the construction site is minimum - an average of three days (after the land is prepared).

After the construction activities are done, there is nothing more left just to move in and to fully enjoy your new housing.

Why choose BeNekon?

We have started the modular house construction in 2015. We cover the preparation of architectural design, project documentation, and assistance in choice of the appropriate materials and equipment, necessary legislation for the construction of modular homes. We also provide preparatory work (foundations, transportation of modules to construction, container modules unloading) as well as the removal of waste from the site.


The company, which is engaged in the production of modules, has extensive experience since 1993. During this time, their production processes have undergone many improvements.


Container modules allow construction of building according to your needs. Individual modules can stand alone, they are stacked in three floors and also they can be stored side by side and even over each other at different angles, as statics allows it.


Clever, educated and creative designers and architects are working with us and they are fully at your disposal to create the best possible design according to your wishes and preferences.


Our goal is to save your time and energy and therefore our partners are more than willing to provide professional services in the search for the right estate, in processing mortgages and in case of your interest we’ll help you with the legislative processes necessary for construction of your dream house.

Living area:
Built-up area:
Dimensions Length:
Dimensions Width:
Dimensions Height:
Number of rooms:
Type: Bungalow

House description: House with a floor area of 85 square meters, type bungalow with a terrace. Suitable as a starter home for a young family or as a comfortable barrier-free housing for the elderly couple.


Technical parameters:

Living area:
Built-up area:
Dimensions Length:
Dimensions Width:
Dimensions Height:
Number of rooms:
Type: Two-storey

BeNekon Dvojpodlažný dom vizualizácia
BeNekon Dvojpodlažný dom vizualizácia

House description: Family house is designed for a family of four.


Technical parameters:

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